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We help create user friendly and time efficient apps, geared toward the auto transport industry. With this newly launched FREE iPhone app, you will have everything you need to create an invoice ready to email to your customer. Even though this is a Go Green app, we do offer you the option to print to a wireless printer if needed. VISIT TUTORIAL PAGE.

  • Create a personal USERNAME
  • Fill out your info in the SETTINGS tab
  • Upload a custom company LOGO
  • Start a ticket and create your first invoice!
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 5/5c/5s running IOS7 and IOS8. Check back soon for updated software info.

Download this no hassle Free app and get ready to throw away those ncr forms.

Under Settings tab you can fill in your company info and add a custom logo.

Visit our Tutorial page for step by step instruction using our Bill of Lading App.

I installed the beta version of the bill of lading app in seconds, love the whole design, ease of use and I am able to print to a wireless printer in case customer asks for invoice.

- Cam Royal Auto Transport

I love the new app, wish I had this years ago for my business, it saves my company time and a lot of money. Free download, I highly recommend installing the Bill of Lading App for your auto transport business.

- Laurence Desert Eagle Enterprises
Where can I download this app?

Our APP is available for download. CLICK HERE to Download.

Is this available for the iPad or Macbook?

At this time this Bill of Lading app is only available for the iPhone.

Is there a catch, or is it really FREE?

100% FREE! We develop our apps with you in mind, helping you save money and help the environment.

Is this available for Android?

NO it is not available for Android yet. Our development team is currently working hard on getting our apps ready for both iOS and Android.

We Create Apps that save you Time and Money!

With many years of offering our customers 3 part NCR forms as their Bill of Lading invoices, we thought what could we offer that would save time and money? We decided to create a FREE iPhone app that replaces your everyday bill of lading form.

With the user in mind, we took time and effort to finally announce the launch of our new BillOfLadingApp. Please download and start using the BillOfLadingApp today, you will never stop using our easy to navigate mobile app.


Our Team

App Screenshots

Bill of Lading App 1.1

Release Date 10/04/2014
  • Bug Fixes
  • IOS8 Optimization

Bill of Lading Android 1.0

Release Date 10/03/2014
  • Add custom logo header to your iPhone.
  • Take photos of any damage to the car.
  • Mark using your finger where damage is on the vehicle.
  • Add notes if you need to specify anything in detail.
  • Email customer the invoice with them in front of you.


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